Whether you have been diagnosed only recently or have suffered from eczema for some time, you probably have a basic understanding of what eczema is. I will therefore keep my description very brief so that we can skip to the practical part where you can learn the steps to overcome it.

In simple terms, eczema describes inflammation of the skin. Having eczema means that your skin is very sensitive and prone to developing red patches that are very itchy. It may vary in appearance from dry, scaly patches to areas covered in blisters that may ooze clear liquid. During an outbreak your skin may become raw and bleed as a result of vigorous scratching which may even cause a bacterial infection.

Eczema rash SEF

There are six main types of eczema but the most common ones are ATOPIC and CONTACT DERMATITIS:

Atopic eczema is characterised as an immune system disorder in which the body overreacts to certain triggers in the environment (some foods, house dust mite, pollens, etc.) This type of eczema tends to run in families.

Contact dermatitis, on the other hand, can be caused either by an allergen (occurs when our immune system reacts against a specific substance such as nickel, cosmetics, additives to leather and rubber, etc.) or an irritant (when we have been in a direct contact with a substance which irritates the skin such as detergents, solvents, some plants, etc.). Both atopic and contact dermatitis are often closely connected. 

As for its occurrence, eczema usually begins in childhood, however even adults with no previous history of rashes can develop symptoms of this condition. Many children seem to outgrow this condition by the time they reach puberty. Those individuals however may be more susceptible to occasional flare-ups throughout their lives. In others, eczema continues to be a significant problem into adulthood.

Wherever you find yourself to be right now, the truth is that you can always take steps to improve your condition ,no matter what anybody else tells you. The only thing you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn.

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