About me

As a life-long chronic eczema sufferer, I understand the unpredictable nature of eczema all too well. As a child I suffered from extensive severe eczema that was kept 'under control' by medical treatment using mainly corticosteroids and anti-histamines. Sadly the results lasted only as long as I religiously followed the therapy. Often, however, my skin would stop responding if I used the same cream for a while and so I was back on the roller coaster of the infamous itch-scratch cycle.

My parents were often told that I would outgrow this condition by the time I reached puberty. Only I did not. My skin condition was not getting any better. But what scared me the most was the fact that the strength of my medication was gradually increasing which meant that I was faced with a very real prospect of being dependant on it for the rest of my life.

On top of that, when I reached adolescence, another side effect showed up – I started experiencing hormonal problems (e.g. irregular periods, etc.), which as I later discovered were most likely a result of the long-term hydrocortisone therapy (as it alters the hormonal levels in the body).
After years of using steroid creams and antihistamines I got to a point in my life where I did not want to put up with eczema any more. I was fed up with feeling hopeless and frustrated. I no longer wanted to be dependant on creams and medication that I knew was not good for me in the long run. I wished to wear summer clothes when it was hot outside and not feel ashamed of my raw-looking patches of eczema all over my body. I wished to feel confident when I shook hands with people since hands were my worst affected area.

My list of reasons seemed endless and so my search for cure began. I made it my ultimate goal to find a natural solution that would put a stop to my misery. And so I turned to natural medicine because I knew deep down that there had to be a better, more natural way of treating my skin and my whole being. I extensively researched every book on natural healing I could get my hands on, I trialled all sorts of therapies and methods that promised even a slight improvement. Admittedly, I made countless errors on my way, however I learnt from all my mistakes and in the end I managed to find the way to reverse my eczema for good.

Little did I know that my knowledge would be put to a test again when I gave birth to a beautiful girl. When she was born, her skin was perfect however a couple of weeks later, she started showing signs of dry skin which turned into red flaky patches of eczema. Her cheeks got covered in red bumpy rash, which started spreading to the back of her neck and her entire body. Needles to say, her skin did not respond to any moisturisers and the only treatment her doctor could offer was hydrocortisone therapy.

I could feel the mama bear inside me growing stronger and stronger since there was no way I could let my little bundle of joy suffer as much as I did.

I did not hesitate and started researching the possible causes of eczema in babies. I was well aware that treating infantile eczema was quite different from that of an adult since babies' system is delicate and still immature. Nonetheless, I was determined to find that "something" that caused her skin to go from perfect to a red, inflamed state in such short space of time.

I did realize that a hereditary predisposition would play its role, however I also believed that it did not need to become her destiny since I had managed to change mine.

After a few short weeks I managed to work out what triggered my daughter's eczema and her skin healed completely. Thanks to this process, I also gained a completely new perspective as to the primary cause of infantile eczema and discovered what measures to take to minimize the chances for a baby to be born with eczema.

My daughter's recovery prompted me to write a book Heal Your Baby's Eczema since throughout my search I encountered many disheartened parents who were battling with exactly the same issues. This book has now guided hundreds of parents to help their babies recover.

Because my love and passion for healthy lifestyle and nutrition grew stronger over time, I went on to become a Naturopathic Nutritionist and a Reflexologist.
This has enabled me to support others on their way to recovery in the best possible way….