The Healing Programme

Is eczema making you feel unattractive, unhappy and ashamed preventing you from enjoying your life to the full?

I understand how that feels. This is because my whole life has been affected by this skin disorder and even though it does not make me an expert, I do know a lot about eczema.

Now, if you stick with me, I will show you exactly how YOU too can have naturally and permanently eczema-free skin and become the most confident and happy person you deserve to be.
I hope that by now you have managed to download your free report that discusses the real cause behind your eczema from the holistic perspective. If you have not done so yet, please click here or go back to the home page where you can get access to this eye-opening report.

Equipped with this information, you will be ready to take the next step on your healing journey towards healthy, radiant skin.

I fully realize how confusing and overwhelming information about improving one's health can be. I know, because I once stood at the bottom of this "insurmountable" mountain.

I remember how hard it was to walk this journey alone, however through trial and error I managed to overcome many obstacles and eventually succeeded.

It took me many years to assimilate and refine all the health information out there into an approach that is easily understood but most importantly effective.

To share my knowledge with as many people as possible, I have put together the most comprehensive healing programme called The Missing Link to Eczema Healing in which you will learn step-by step how to reverse your eczema.

The programme has been divided into several levels according to the complexity and depth of detoxification required. This takes into account the fact that not everybody will need to follow all steps in order to arrive at their desired outcome.

This is because the root cause will be slightly different for each individual, however by following the outlined steps, you will be able to identify and work on correcting those factors that contribute the most to your imbalance.

This way you can be in charge of your own healing since the programme can be personalized to suit your individual needs.

The healing programme has been split into two e-books since putting all the information into one guide only would be quite overwhelming. So what exactly will you discover in the e-books?

Missing Link to Eczema Healing - Part 1

• In the first part, you will learn fascinating insights into how diet affects your health on cellular level and how to use it to your advantage.

• Next, you will get to know what foods are super healing to your skin and what foods, on the other hand, sabotage your best efforts. By following this information you can also significantly slow down your skin aging process looking younger and more radiant.

• What you need to know about food preparation when it comes to eating according to your individual constitution – this will enlighten you about the various "miracle" diets that promote certain way of eating as a panacea, yet long-term they often do more harm then good.  

• Half way through, you will discover the most effective methods of identifying allergies and how to treat them naturally with the help of energy balancing techniques.

• You will also discover the most advanced techniques that will help you communicate with your body to identify its exact preferences - this is very useful when it comes to choosing specific foods that most agree with your body's individual needs.

• A big part of the guide also focuses on lowering chronic inflammation naturally and highlights the most effective approach.

• Finally, this e-book will draw your attention to finding a balance between cleansing and building foods through gaining a thorough understanding of what constitutes the optimum diet for life – you will learn how to use real food therapeutically for the best results.

Missing Link to Eczema Healing - Part 2

  • This guide will focus on safe ways to detoxify your body at cellular level through targeted detoxification – this will not only have a dramatic effect on your skin health but also on your energy levels and overall well-being.
• You will explore highly effective methods of cleansing, nourishing and balancing your body on all levels by applying key principles that will make your eczema healing very effective.

  • Why addressing all three levels (physical, emotional or spiritual) holds the key to one's recovery – you will also find out how to tap into the power of your body's own healing ability.

• Next, you will learn how to strengthen your immune system thus releasing more energy for skin healing and repair.

• The guide will also reveal vital principles that will enable you to understand your emotions, how to clear emotional blockages and imbalances, how to deal with stress and be happy no matter what.

• It will also discuss techniques on restoring integrity to your organs of digestion and elimination so that you are in the best position to fully absorb and metabolize nutrients from the food you eat.

• Next, you will find out the truth behind correcting nutritional deficiencies and how to do it well if you are on a budget.

• Towards the end, you will discover proven and effective tips on how to relieve itching the natural way.

• You will be shown how to identify external factors that affect the health of your skin and what you can do about specific irritants that cause flare-ups. • You will also learn how to look after your skin topically and what constitutes the best skin treatment.

• Finally, you will discover how to put ALL your newly acquired knowledge into practice so that you keep making progress towards your "finish line".

Both part 1 and part 2 of the Missing Link to Eczema Healing e-book complement each other, however you do have the option to purchase them individually.

As part of the healing programme, you can also gain access to a closed Facebook group where you will be able to ask me any questions that may come up for you during the programme. You will also become a part of a community where you may receive support and share ideas with other followers. I think that this part of the programme is very valuable, because you will always have someone to turn to for help in case you get stuck or just need some reassurance.

Now, imagine yourself in a few weeks time with a clear healthy skin - no more itchy, embarrassing eczema lesions….
… . This could be YOUR reality, however only if you assume full responsibility and TAKE ACTION. It's no secret that you get out what you put in.

Please also bear in mind that this programme does not promise an instant miracle cure (unlike other programmes which sadly fail to deliver). This is because eczema takes some time to develop and so your body will be working very hard to reverse it given the right conditions.

The bad news is that the longer you leave it, the longer it will take to overcome your eczema (in the natural medicine circles it is well know that it takes at least one month for every year you have suffered from a specific condition to heal completely).

On the positive note, the healing programme will give you a complete walk through on how to tackle your eczema on a very deep level primarily focusing on eliminating the root cause.

And if you put the time and energy into following the advice, you will be rewarded with a robust health, increased energy, happier outlook but best of all HEALTHY, GLOWING SKIN.

If you do not want to waste any more time and money on superficial remedies and finally get the skin that will make you happy and confident, then click the button below and start your healing journey today.

PS: - If you had to put a price on eliminating your eczema permanently through natural means, how much would it be worth to you? Just think about it for a little moment….
I am sure that for most of you it would be priceless. I am, therefore, very confident that your small investment in the healing programme (much less then a price of one session with any complementary practitioner) is going to be the best money you have spent when it comes to making your skin look its best. Best of all, the healing programme is available for you to download on to your PC or MAC and mobile devices such as Tablets, Ipad and smartphones.

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